questions for answers one already knows

questions for answers one already knows
I came to an interesting idea. when I debate about something with someone I very often ask questions to which I already know answers. Maybe it is only a kind of idiosyncracy of mine but maybe it is also a kind of egoistical need to be ahead of my partner in the discussion. I do not know, maybe both. when I feel like debating about a certain issue, I feel to be prepared, if I discuss something new, I feel like reading about it at first and then rather discuss what I already know. I think that this kind of discussion may be very fertile in all senses and ways. it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about some issue or topic and only after that is one capable of analyzing it and adding ones opinions. opinions must inevitably be neutral, there is not a bad or good opinion, there is only unknowledge of facts. once I know the facts then my opinion is something build upon those facts. it is necessary to not delve into whether fact are false or true, because then the discussion loses its point and then it is more about history, then about pure dialogue. even facts are never pure truth, we have facts that we have and we may build our bettering of moral values only upon what we have.

for example I like hypothetizing about things which may influence the real world and I dont really like philosophizing about things that are ontologically undebatable, like for example existence of God. I love talking about God and how the change of mind from a nonbeliever to believer may influence the world, how for example Christian values may improve ones moral standards and then concretely change the world subsequently, but I do not really step into discussions whether it is better to be an atheistou​, a catholic, a budhist, an agnostic and I do not pretend that I am capable of definig all these terms because I think that faith and belief as opposed to religion are so subtle and subjective things that they oppose fundamentally from its substance any debate, in other words, it is impossible to define what faith really is and then there is no point in arguing about which faith to belong to is the best. 

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