Relativity of happiness

Relativity of happiness
I read a saying which said: a rich man is one who is happy. I thought to myself that for someone may be happiness money and then this would be tautology. such result would contradict the sayings meaning. it would be ironical and/or paradoxical. It is essential to define happiness, otherwise one answers a question with another question. is there something wrong about having money on the first place? as the headline says, it is all relative. let us anyway dig a bit deeper and delve into the problematics of money. money is basically a tool to exchange things. instead of barter we have money. this is the vital thing for all people to know. money is only a potential to reach happiness. it is like a bowl which can be filled with water(or wine, depending on what you prefer) but the bowl alone is useless, it is only a tool, the more money, the bigger the bowl, the more happiness we may gain. if we stay only on the level of building a big bowl then we may live the whole life in an anticipation of being immensely happy, because our potential to be happy, to exchange money for something really valueable is immense. unfortunately, it is not in fact easy to fulfill the bowl with something really invaluable. it is exchanging values that one can measure for values one cannot. if I fulfill the bowl with cars and houses or other material things, the bowl is not really getting fuller because its potential is virtually wasted, it is used for something which on one hand may be bought with money, but on the other, it is not really what money is destined for, or in other words for what we the people are destined. unfortunately here the cycles closes and comes full circle. the relativity of happiness may be even in building the bowl as big as possible and living with an (un) fulfilled bowl of happiness, but maybe even with fulfilled with dreams and illusions of fulfilling it someday, which in itself might be happiness for someone..

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