objectivity vs. emptiness

objectivity vs. emptiness
Sometimes when I read an article about anything basically I like when it is objective, seen from both sides, may perspectives but on the other hand I also think it is important to see it from ones point of view, from a subjective, personal individual and unique prism. On one hand, too great objectivity leads to the elimination of ones ventures of subjctivity and sometimes to saying nothing at all. when one tries to be too objective then it is virtually impossible to convey a message, what one wants to say because the message is always subjective. in other words, there is not point in trying to be too objective because then one loses the point which one wants to convey. nevertheless, objectivity is what leads us to the truth. we need to lose our ego, what hinders us to see the naked truth. if we keep seeing things through the paradigm of -I know the truth- then we can never achieve it.again, a kind of compromise is needed. it is necessary to be objective and try to see the problem from more angles, on the other hand it is equally important to not lose ones individuality and unique insight in the issue. what we need to get rid of is not our individuality but our ego that keeps us from seeing things the way should see. if we keep living in either the menagerie of too objective or too subjective, we can never reach a consesus because we either say nothing, or say too much but here the issue is to not say too much because my ego says so. the way is to say as much as possible but not with selfish desire or shallow un-individualized objectivity.

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