sterile campsites

I did some travelling last few days and i saw that people spend their vacation in one complex area where they were provided with everything. it is strange that instead of being in the outdoors one is satisfied and content with sanitary place where one has pool instead of see, running trail instead of a path in the woods, gym instead of real work, conveyer belt instead of walking outdoors etc. some people even travel many hours just to stay all their vacation in a tento or a caravan and not going anywhere. I think that by doing this we lose the spontaneity that is necessary for a content realization of ones desires. if we have everything here and now without any surprise, we get too accustomed to nothing new that we are unable then to cope with things that may come to which we may not be able to assimilate. flexibility in life is what matters very much because it is never possible to avoid all incidents that come. I have nothing against spending ones vacation in a caravan,I understand that people have too changeable workload and occupation so that they like to spend their vacation in a completely known are, maybe that is also the reason why people come to the same destination for many years.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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