doing what I think is best for others

doing what I think is best for others
I see more and more in my private life and also in my job as a social care worker that doing what I think is best for other is virtually the worst thing one may do. In my job as a personal assistant, it is necessary to help the people with things they are not able and capable of doing. nevertheless, I can only suggest what is best for them from my perspective because the people I work with have mental handicap, they have lower IQ and are not able to understand some things. here comes the personal assistant and helps them in their deficiencies. this must be done in order to help them, not manipulate them into my way of living or thinking. it sometimes happens that we have a client that wants basically to live on the street. we try to show him the disadvantages of living as a destitute but very often it happens that we try to force him or her into our way of thinking. we all have a home, money, family, friends and so on and we think that this is the best way of living. we sometimes forget that everyone know best what is best for one. same in interpersonal relationships and more concretely in intimate relationships. when a partner tries to think about the other part as unable to decide for oneself, when one wants to manipulate one into thinking that not he but rather the partner knows better what is best for him, then we end up in a very uneven relationships. 


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