Ads in songs

Ads in songs
I saw a famous song with lyrics that were manifesting some kind of product. a beautiful song exploited by capitalistic ventures of a company that only wants to sell a product. it was very sad to me to see that someone sells a beautiful song and exchanges lyrics that were meaningful with something that is irrelevant to the nature of the song. is it all about money? the sellers do not know how to attract people to buy their products that they come up with more and more sophisticated ways of attracting consumers. the more ads we see the more we are prone to both believe them and not believe. we see so much ads and we do not which we can believe. that is the reason why we we need to be attracted by something already known to us, either a famous song or a famous person propagating the product. the more ads we see the more we think we need those products but we also need a sign that this concrete product is what we ˋneedˋ. this is a vicious cycle. we are told to want things but in this amount of products it is impossible to choose. if one comes to a shop and wants a jam, there is a line of jams, how can one choose just one. that is the reason why the sellers need to make their brand special by having some celebrity on it or something that the buyer already knows. one should know that when a football player propagates a mobile phone, then such attitude is irrelevant. a football player know nothing about mobile phones and when someone believes that once there is a football player then one may buy the phone, one is fatally mistaken. nevertheless I understand why people need only to know that the football player propagates it because concerning the other mobile phone brands there is nothing that distinguishes them. it is very difficult to choose and here we see that there is a need for only a small difference for us to buy it and we do not think that football player know nothing about mobile phones. we should think more deeply about what we buy but we should not waste our time with choosing too long which brand of jam to buy. this is of course difficult and people have diffeent preferences with their goods but let us not be mistaken and mystiffied by false prohphets like footballers talking about mobile phones, or celebrities propagating cars and so on.

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