Should we seek God or let Him seek us?

I am thinking about why people seek God. is there some sense in thie behaviour? God I think does not want us to be seeking him but just the opposite, let ourselves be found. If we open our hearts God will definitely find us. If we take the iniciative, the way to His kingdom is not so sure. we should be active in seeking him, definitely. He will not do it for us, but in seeking him we should always acknowledge that only if we let ourselves be found we can be found by Him. The difference is that we may either seek him in a kind of dedication and humility or we may try to seek him with pride that if we want, we shall and surely will find him, which is false. Everything we do should be done in order to please God but we must always know everything we do we do because he let us to do it. we are nothing without him. if we think that we know better than Him and if we seek him according to our reason or feelings then it is impossible to be happy.

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