seriousness of relationships

I am thinking about friendship at work. it seems to me that we try to maintain good social ties among us workers but we do not really want to delve into a real friendship. why so? real friendship requires sacrifice and responsibility. on one hand we crave honest and sincere relationships (friendship as well as intimate partnership) but we like to be kept safe. to enter into a relationships , one has to make the step of trusting the other party and that requires a risk of being potentially hurt. we do not want to be hurt, no one wants to be hurt and yet we crave the love (in any form) so much that we usually take the risk of being hurt. this is approach is I think natural for us and correct. there is no way further in staying in ones safehouse. although we may get hurt, it is necessary to believe that all such wounds may be benefitial for us in some other way. I think that it is very reasonable to accept the volatility of people and relationships and not be afraid of doing what one feels like doing although being afraid of being hurt. on the other hand, some people live do not overcome so easily such wounds. some people experience all these things very emotionally and are not capable of forgeting the wounds they suffered. is it a reason to not enter relationships? i do not think so although I cannot judge for such people. nevertheless, if one does not enter a relationships then one may not learn that it was potentially good and without wounds. on the other hand I understand the fear one bears when entering a, any, relationship. maybe a good approach is to not be afraid of entering relationships but not take them over seriously. it is necessary to take any relatonships and any our action seriously but not as such that is necessary for our happy life. God is always with us and if we enter any situation with this in mind, then we may be sure that we shall get over it, if it ends fatally. we may not the relationship to work, may be strive to be good for the parther, friends but if we do not show humbleness towards God and his will, then we shall either be hurt when it does not work our, or be unhappy if we keep staying in such a relationship that is not sanctified by God. as I say, enter any action seriously but bear always in mind that anything one does should be a step to what God wants, not what we want, although our wishes is a force that drives us further in life. We should never be totally influenced by it, we should always know that anything we do is and can be done only with the help of God.

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