What is new may not be the best or at least better than the old,but menagerie of capitalism says that we need new and new things. economies of most western capitalistic democratic states are based on buying new and new things. who does not buy is not contributive piece of chain in the well functioning economics. that is the reason why we see so many ads that force us into buying. the ads basically say that we need this to be happy and the whole capitalistic system wants the people to be buyers but only the minor buyers. I read a survey lately that sixty people own the same amount of the half of population. one half of all property lies in the hand of 60 people. strange is not it? the reason it works is that we believe the menagerie that we need many little things that are basically the same but those in power say us that these old things in new design is something that makes us finally happy. this of course never happens and we are kept in craving. craving things is what it is all about. jacques lacan says that desire has to be unrealistic otherwise it is not desire. if we desire something that is unattainable we are kept in an illusion that one day we are going to be happy. once I finish school, once I find a partner, once I have childre, once Iretire and so on. this never ends. if we believe in this menagerie we shall never be happy. the only way out is stop believeing the powers that be, start believing in values that make us better people like empathy, self-consciousness, wildness of spirit, freedom of mind. once we start living in different paradigm, then only we can see the world from Gods perspective, not ours.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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