what is power?

what is power?
in postmodern theory Michael Foucoult talks about the fact the in a certain time and space we are all powerful and at the same time one may be totally powerless. Power is not given and static. who is powerful must exert ones power. power in my view is the knowledge that I might influence (someone). it is on one hand potential but on the other the praxis of doing it. from this point of view, one might say that unless one exerts power, one is powerless. without exerting power, we only have the potential, the knowledge but not the real power. when not exerting it then it is only an illusion, hope that it might work. To be powerful means that someone must be powerless, it is inequality. When I have a boss then I am powerless in comparison to him but I am powerfull to those subjugated to be, my subordinates. As a social care worker, I try to see in our clients with mental handicap their features where they are powerfull. those should be supported. We should help them in aspects of their lifes in which they do not have power. nevertheless, we should not exert our power but teach them to use power and become powerfull in the aspects they are not. another sphere where I think about power is contraception. in a way women became powerfull in the realm of their body because from contraception on they did not have to risk pregnancy after intercourse. is the a real power? I think that this is only illusion. on one hand a woman might think that now she makes the decision, not her body, but this is a bit schizophrenic situation. it is like controlling ones heartbeat. our body know better what should the rate of heart be. the same with pregnancy I think. this is the Christian point of view, but maybe leaving some aspects to nature, body or God is not making us powerless but quite the opposite. there is a great power in leaving our human paradigm of ˋI know betterˋ to I leave it up to You Lord.

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