Brick in the wall

Brick in the wall
Is there something incorrect with the view that we all build a wall and we all have a place in it? I believe that to accept ones place in the society and continuum of relationships is more important than the outcry that we all should be unique and different than the others. it funtions both ways. on one hand,we all are unique, we are unsubstitutable. on the other, our uniqueness can be only brought to perfection once we acknowledge that without others, without striving for bonum comune, we are nothing. I believe that we must not feel embarassed when we are just another brick in the wall-quite the opposite, by being the one brick in the wall we build the beautiful mozaic of humanity! if there misses one brick, the wall is incomplete, the mozaic is ruined.we are all pieces of mozaic-every piece is unique,invaluable and indispensable and yet we are all just another brick in the wall. it is important to know that the weak, as well as strong have the same amount of space and that we are all on the same level as those who are strong, weak, poor, rich, healthy, sick etc. the only thing which is evil about being just a brick in the wall is the view that we act as the others when something evil is executed. then it is necessary to step out, not be as the others if they are passive ones.

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