in my country come elections. today the theme is very obvious-radical islam and immigrants. there are populist views that claim that we need to close our boundaries and leave the people die in the war raging in their country. on the other side our voices that shout that we should accept all of them. from the liberal point of view those who oppose the migrants are evil. I consider myself also a liberal but I do not think that those who want to guard our boundaries are evil. I think that the same amount of evil is also on the side of the radical liberal extremists. on one hand, good is absolute, we should not build obstacles for doing good, on the other hand, we cannot be stupid and let ourselves be destroyed because how could we do good then? on one hand, Bible says that to die for good, for a friend, maybe even for a foe when I feel like doing it is the good we should strive for. on the other, not everyone may feel and understand it this way. the purpose of this article is to show that even good views-the view that we should accept migrants may be done with evil intention. being to radical is evil in any way. i apologize for the tautology but one should be radical in not being radical. the truth lies somewhere in between of the opposing views. another issue that we should be ready to forgive those radicals once the see their faults and acknowledge them. we should not bear grudge against people but against their sins and evil deeds. what happend cant be undone, but what will happen is open. here lies the dichotomy between good and evil. presence and future is opened to use, not past. let us be instructed by the past for the future. let us forgive the past but not forget so that we do not do the same faults again.

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