relativity of view

relativity of view
Who is an alien? I saw a movie about the possibility of aliens in the space and I see that from their perspective we are considered aliens, in other words, for them, we ARE aliens. this may seem obvious, but it has further ramifications. it is very easy to see migrants from countries plagued by war as aliens, as someone does not belonging here. but let us see us from their perspective. they may consider themselves as aliens in our land but they also may consider us aliens with our behaviour. what means that someone is alien? I sense a kind of negativity in it. i think that this whole paradigm of seeing people from abroad or elsewhere as intruders is detrimental to our culture and even to our psyche. i think that we should see them not as aliens-not in the negative sense of word, but as someone who is in need, someone who may even help us in some digression, other space or time

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