concept of columbarium

concept of columbarium
I would like to introduce the concept of columbarim which I came across lately. columarium is a place- a house usually near the graveyard where the urns of deceived are kept. this concept seems to me as another stop of menagerie. Michael Foucoult introduced the concept of panopticism(based on Benthams pan-opticon) -basically a prison where all the prisoners are watched by one guard in the middle but not one prisoner sees any other prisoner. one guard sees tens of people but none of them sees anything else, except the guard. in todays society a small group of people seek to have as much power as possible and control as many people as possible. we see this in the case of Andrej Babis who controls a large portion of political life today and even won the election with a great lead. his program is from its core demagical and not coherent with democratic principles of our country. He does not have a plan different than gain money and power. this is nothing special, many people entering politics have these aims, what is worse is the fact that the reason he won the elction are people consciously willing to sacrifice common sense for the menagerie he wants us to be in. he needs people who are subduded and who are satisfied with talking that is not real. in reality, these people want someone who leads them and thus are willing to sacrifice their free choice, they want to be in a menagerie, they do not want to use their own reason. they want someone who decides for them. another step after menagerie is only columbarium. in a menagerie these people perform feats that their master wants them to perform. further step is to perform them in a kind of panopticon, where they are only a small part of the whole mechanism of power imposed upon them-here they are no more willingly as in menagerie, but here they are in a prison, metaphorically speaking. in this prison, one next to another they finish their life, if they do not change their approach, if they do not rebel, because now it is not about mental choice (as in menagerie) but about physical act of defiance because now the repressive organs (due to the choice of people to live in menagerie and vote for populists) has gained so much power, that it can keep them in panopticon, subdued, chained and performing feats, working for the powerful who oversee them. in this state there must be either revolution or columbarium, the choice is up to them.

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