Ecology of relationships

Ecology of relationships
I ve been thinking lately about how relationships among people and their surrounding grow and how, when and why they are sometimes stagnant. ecology of human relationships is basically about how we interact intravertly among ourselves within a group of same, know people, extravertly-with people from our outer surrounding and how we interact in the habitat of unliving entities, what we do with the animate but also inanimate things around us. one may think that the way to a better understanding and mutual cohabitation lies in either honesty or lies. I read somewhere that lies is what makes our society work and function peacefully. we live in lies because it makes our lives easier and the more we lie, the more someone else must lie to overcome the former lie. take for example political campaigns. people in any country like listening to what sounds pleasant-populism and pleasant demagogy. if one politican lies in order to get votes, then the other, who may be constructive and not wanting to be popular using populism is not capable of attracting the masses to his program, although his program can be and usually is much better and worth receive the votes. one is then in an unenviable positon of needing to lie and using sweet words in order to be more attractive then the previous politican using lies only for his sake. nevertheless, in order for ecology of relationships to function, we must accept even these people as part of our society, although they may willingly be those who are detrimental to it. the dichotomy between good and evil is very blurred and thus it is not possible to judge anyone. we must also accept the fact, that even such approach may be benefitial for our society-as for example a lesson to not repeat in the worst scenario. the same case is with people who are not for some reasons incapable of being benefitial for the society in its material sense. people with psychiatristic illness or people with mental handicap-low iq. these people are benefitial for the society in other than material ways which, in order for ecology to function, must be also acknowledged and praised. if the people see that radical capitalism very often propagated in media is not the most important thing in the world, then even these people see their value and can contribute to the ecology of relationships.

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