bread and circuses-new age gladiators

bread and circuses
in ancient Rome, the rulers knew that if they keep people content and happy then they can be sure that there would be no uprising and revolt. until they have bread and games, people usually were content. we see it today as well. for capitalists the people are basically a by product for their goods. capitalists need the people to create values for them but they also need the people to be docile and controlled. capitalists are only interested in what the proletariat can create and can buy but not in their welfare. they do not consider people people but only as tools to reach their capitalistic ventures. take for example hockey or football players. in ancient Rome, people got bread and games. today it is impossible to have bloody games, unless they are in TV. almost bloody games we get in hockey. hockey players are so called new age gladiators. people come and watch them from the safety of their seats. they either win or lose but without their contribution. similar with watcher of computer games. today the trend is not to be active, but to passively watche some other people play-anything. hockey players undergo the risk of being hurt and we exchange the victory for a ticket, for money. until I have money, I can be a contributing member of the society. until I do not have too high needs and expectations and I keep myself occupid with bread and games, then the capitalists do not need to worry about their goods and wealth. watching others to win is an illusion. it is not my victory, money cannot be exchanged for victory of someone else. If I do not win myself, then I cannot substitute the victory of others for my own. This is what money do with us. they make us think that we can buy anything. this is lie. basically nothing that is capable of making us happy cannot be bought. naturally, if I work hard and then buy a holiday where I like it, then this can make me happy. Here the exchange is equal, but I should not hope that I can buy happiness for money. If I think that a work on the side of someone else can be bought as my own, then I shall never be content with such exchange. unless I exchange fairly I am like the capitalistis who think that money is the only value that matters.

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