the whiter the better

the whiter the better
I read in the autobiography of Malcolm X a thesis that was tought to black people and that is that the whiter a human, the better a person.
Malcolm conjectures that black people consider mulatoes better subconsciously because of that. this kind of stereotyping rule has ramifications even today. it may not be manifested in everyday life but take for example positive discrimination. I think that in order to show that certain companis do not discriminate, they hire a prototype of a minority which they are accused of discriminating. similar event happened to me while I was driving and was not obeyed by a driver next to me. I saw that there was a group of gypsies and I reasoned that that was the reason why they did not let me go in front of them because a white (the whiter the better) driver would yield. here I realized that subconsciously I also live according to stereotypes. similarly with women. There are many survey that women in fact are not worse drivers than men but they are told that they are and that is paradoxically the reason the drive probably with no such certainty as men. women do take these reproaches that are not based on any racional argument seriously. when I see a woman driving who makes a mistake I subconsciously vindicate her behavior on the basis of her sex. when a man does a mistake I subconsciously say to myself that he has a bad day or something irrelevant like. I think that these patters that we live by are very deeply rooted and must be actively and seriously analyzed and decomposed so that we are capable of seeing not so blurilly but clearly based not on stereotypes but on personal traits and qualities.

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