the separation of body and mind

I saw a documentary about students who earn their living by having sex. These are girl students who instead of earning ten thousand for a month of work in a supermarket have the same pay for a few hours work as an amateur porn actress. most of the girls argued that they save much time and then they can study or do other things. by working in the mall they waste time and earn almost nothing. can this be taken so pragmatically? can the girls consider their body as s omething used for money? can they separate soul and body? i do not think so. all the girls also said that they do not want other people to know that they make porn. why not, if they consider it normal. subconsciously they know how detrimental such behaviour is to them, they feel shame and yet theydo it. the survey also showed that if a woman is asked by a stranger to go on a date with the view of having sex (from mans iniciative) they in almost all cases declined such an offer. on the other hand, were they offered money as exchange for having sex with them, around 60 percent accepted this offer. can we saythat almost half of women population are occasional prostitues? i hope that this view is not true. unfortunately it also correlates with todays approach to earthly things and our bodies as well. the relationship with our bodies is very complicated one. i dare say that our bodies our not our property. we cannot do with the body what we like to do. let us see as only puppets in some higher theater. we make control the body but only lead it to what is beneficial for it. we can usethe body for our purposes if these purposes are for bonum comune, for good, not for evil. if we use the body entrusted to us then either hurt it, or hurt our mind, or both as we see in the case of porn actresses.

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