how many times do I have to tell you..

how many times do I have to tell you..
I listened to song by John Legend recently which is called All of me, a very popular song today. he sings there: how many times do I have to tell you that you are beautiful, that I love you etc. I paraphrase it in order to show that there are essential differences between men and women, between mens perception of love and womens. From this short excerpt which does not say generally all differences we see one which is vital in men-women relationships. man thinks that it is necessary to say the woman usually just once that he loves her and that from now on, she just knows it. woman on the other hand needs to heard it basically everyday. she one one hand needs to be caressed and needs to be shown actions of affection by the men, but women pay a great attention on words. words are actions as well. for men, words are not of so great importance. man thinks that when he buys a car, it is a great show of love and affection. woman appreaciates it of course, but it does not last long. this is natural, we are different. it is good to know that women need to be shown small signs of affection but very often and men think that by buying a car, one fulfills ones duty and that now he may slow down for some time and then after time do another big think-for example buying holiday. this difference in thinking is vital for our well being in a couple. if men understand that women need to heard it every day, they would stop asking as John above because they would see that it is irrelevant. women on the other hand need to tell men that they have this need and must understand that it is not mens fault that they do not know it.

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