humans vs animals

humans vs animals
I attended a course about leadership yesterday and the lector compared people to horses many times. The paralel was quite clear. a new horse when emerging in a flock of other horses is usually ostracized. the other horses want to keep their position and want basically not exactly to get rid of him but make him subdued. the horse is either submissive and gives up or shows a strength of personality and may even become their leader. the lector says that it is the same with people. I understand the metaphor but I do not think that people should act like animals. I believe that when a new member comes into a team, then the rest of the team naturally shows that they know how things go and so but nevertheless can also be amiable and not see the new member as a threat to their position but can even help him to become higher in the hierarchy, if his or hers abilities are to become a leading member of the team. I would like to believe that people may give up their ego in order to fight for our couse-cosa nostra or bonum comune-good for all if you like. It is good to do good just for goods sake. one does not need a reason to do good because doing good does not need a reason. it is the only thing where we do not need to be looking for a reason because it is the reason in itself. basically, doing good is the only purpose we are here, that is why it does not and cannot have any other reason or purpose of existence. the leader of the team when accepting a new member should help his acclimatization as much as possible and I even think that one should not consider him as a predestined member of certain area but should want to grow his potential because the one may even be a better leader than the leader himself. I see that this is exactly the animal behaviour. animals want to keep their position as alpha male, beta, gamma and so on because it fits them in the hierarchy. humans on the other hand are capable of thinking behind the horizon of their needs and should grow their potantial not in only their needs but in needs of the whole. the team as a whole functions the best once the people do what they are good at and not what they want to do. if the leader sees that some other member of the society is better in some things, he may either use him and be inspired by him or may even want replace himself by him. this approach is absolutely anti ego which I consider very good for all our relationships and also the relationship with onself. I think that to understand that my needs and ego if forgotten are much better is vital in our existence. To overcome ones shadow, to step behind it is the trait of a mature personality that matters the most.

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