reaching a perfect society

reaching a perfect society
I read an interview with a journalist about the state of a state that is highly corrupted and dys-functional. The reporter talked about a perfect society with abstract words and sentences. it all made sense and it would be really very beautiful to live in a perfect society, but reality is different. the truth is that a perfect society is not a vision, it is an illusion. maybe an allusion to what we would want the society to be like. in fact, as Marx did not know but probably subconsciously conjectured, the society that would be ideal is an utopia. on one hand, I think that it is terribly important to have ideals and ideas to which we look to, which we have as some kind of aim. but we also need a highground where we can start building these dreams. in fact, I do not like calling a perfect society a dream, because it is a false dream. It seems to me much more prudent to accept that society and people within it (people equals society and vica versa) will not and shall not be perfect in anystage of developmene. the acceptance that we should not be reaching an utopia but rather maintaining current state of things seems as a key to me. let us not think that once we shall reach a perfect state. let us admit, that maintaing what we have today is imperfect and yet worth striving for, improving and living. Marxist believe that people are capable of living freely and yet equally among themselves. I also believe that people are capable of wonderful feats, yet I do not think that it is possible to impose institutionally precepts upon them based on which they should live. moral code is within each individual and we should lead the people to improving ones moral code with the explanation why, not by force, by rules and imperatives. I like thinking about people as ultimately deep beings that are capable of sacrifice for common good and I like to think that they (we) should do. nevertheless, acceptance that such state is not something static, not something that we shall once reach but rather a neverending story which our fails notwistanding is worth reaching and working on is the philosophy that we as society should adapt. We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves. (Romans 15:1).

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