what is encouragement good for

what is encouragement good for
I read an autobiography of malcolm x, an American activist for the rights of black people by Alex Haley and I came across an interesting thing there. Malcolm says that when he was at school he quite liked the teachers they had and he followed very often their advice. When thinking about which school to attend, he was advised to enter carpentry school because for a black person it was natural in the society to work in menial labour. such occupation was fit for him and he was advised to do that. nevertheless, he was more interested in law and wanted to enter college. He was not advised to do so and that formed his future life. The moral of the story is this: should the teacher support him in his wish, he would not become the well know figure not only in America but in the whole world. from this stems the notion that support may not always be benefitial for us. it is much more the personal experience and experiences that form our way in life. Malcolm would be a good lawyer and world would miss such a great person in the fight for equality. maybe it is good to be inspired and see in the barriers and inhibitions in or way through life also merits and advantages, or make the things that we consider problematic for us useful and inspiring. without the need to climb over barriers we would not be such developed society as we are today

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