How to attract young to social sphere

How to attract young to social sphere
I have been thinking latele about the way how to attract young people to the profession I do-social sphere where people help other people not so much endowed with practical qualities but rather some other personal traits that todays society does not value so much. I would try to attract young ones to do this kind of job due to the fact that it is something that the mainstream society does not value so much, that would make them feel special in a way. society of today values capitalism, consumerism, money, high effectifity, gdp and such things. people with mental disabilities are endowed with different things which unfortunately do not fit so much into todays perception of quality living. capitalism and consumerism respectively need us to buy and consume. the system and the few rich people need to stick to their capital and therefore they do not want us to think about it too much. they give us only what is necessary, food and games. bread and circuses. young people may be in an opposition to this idea by supporting people with mental handicap. people that are not able to be quick and effective, they are basically useless for the style of economy we have now, yet they have other different abilities-difabilites, a beautiful word I learned from a person very close to my heart, shows that being different for what is today required does not mean being deffective. ineffectivness is not deffectivness. it is only effectivness in a different area. another thing that people with mental handicap can teach us is to slow down. these people are focused not on speed but rather on what they do at this particular moment. this is another area that we should focus on. today we are told that time is money. times definitely is money, but is money everything? that is what the powers that be do not want us to think about. money is indispensable but how much of it? is not too much money making us uncomfortable? and what is too much? this must be answered individually but let us bear in mind that having more things does not mean being more happy. the focus on present moment is another thing that people with mental disabilities are more able than we are. it seems to me that we are told to think about future. this is perfectly legitimate argument, but do not we forget about the present day because of the amoung of worries about tomorrow? I do not want to sound nihilistic but tomorrow may not come and today may be the last time of our life. naturally, it would not be possible to live only in the present moment without thinking about tomorrow but I think that a deeper focus on the present moment would not make anyone harm. after all, I do not want to uphold people with mental disabilites as better than the mainstream society. not at all. they are all people as we all are, people are not better or worse, only what we do may be good or evil. to this we may be have these gifts or another. it all depends on what we do with the gift we have been endowed with, not on who, how or where we were born.

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