jack had to die

jack had to die
I read a commentary about the movie Titanic and some amateur survey about the door upon which Rose survivied and Jack unfortunatly died. the result of the survey was that the door was big enough for both of them to survive on. I am wondering whence this notion comes from. The story is not about whether they might have survived both or one or none. the story is about unfulfilled love. it is similar as with Romeo and Juliet. the plot has some beginning and some ending. there is not point in discussing whether it is possible to survive or not or whose fault it is that they could not experience their love further on. in the first place, let us realize that romantic love is not something that lasts for ever. romantic love is most intensive in the first moments, when the couple is infatuated. this is what most people want to see. imagine the reality that would ensue from the couple surviving. the romantic dream would be shattered because the couple would not probably withstand the reality of every day life. the bigger infatuatin, the bigger fall they say. i do not want to sound pesimistical but I want to emphasize that those stories were not about practical everyday life but about very intensive romantic love, absolute infatutation that does not take any practicallity into abount and thus debates about whether it was possible that they would surveive is in this case meaningless and utter nonsense

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