saving money for ones burial

saving money for ones burial
I am pondering whether it is reasonable to think behind the horizon of ones existence. I saw a very interesting ad where there was a picture of an elderly man thinking about his death and that he was planning to include some charitable organization in his bequest. I think that thinking behind what is not is very reasonable and is a sign of wisdom if it is not taken fatally because when one saves for ones burial so that other people do not have much problems about the funeral then one shows a sign of not being uttery conciled with them. saving for the funeral may be also wise in a sense but I think that it is wiser to use the money one has now into building the relationships that would gurantee him that the people around him would be willing to donate enough money to make the burial festive and honorable enough. this is indirect focus on future things and such focus is relevant. it show the reconciliation with the way that things may be in the future because it is not possibleto influence everything. once one wants to influence things after ones death, it shows a sign of instability and distruest in the people around him.

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