footprint of ones life

I had a discussion with a friend of mine who was talking about her musical ambitions and that she wanted to create a trace of her work so that she is not forgotten. I later thought to myself whether such approach is really what makes us happy and what should b e strived for. This predicament made me think about what really matters and what counts when one thinks about agood life, happiness, meaning in what we do. I do not think that it is some trace that must remain for ever. I think that what is areal happiness is the ability to step away from ones ego and focus on bonum comune-general good. When I make people around me happy, when they feel like being glad in my company, then I think I lead a meaningful life. this does not say that I should follow the happiness of other and forget my own. it would not be possible. I read a survey which says that people who are happy and content also tend to make others happy. in other words, the happier I am, the happier people around me are. it also works vica versa. The less happy I am, the less happy people around me are because happines or unhappiness both are also effective on the subconscious level. people around me feel that I am despondent or negative and after a while of consolation (if unsuccesful) lose interest in being in my presence-thus one loses friends when one is not happy and this vicious circle does not end because I further lose friends and opportunities to get better once I do not feel well. So, first to make others happy, I myself must lead a content life. on the other hand, once I make other happy (even though I try to create a facade, semblance of happiness) others also make happy me. This can then break the vicious circle. nevertheless, true friends should understand the reciprocity of help when one feels negative emotions because them might feel unwell in the future and I shall be willing to help them once they help me, them not doing the first step notwithstanding. I come to a conclusion that what matters is not future, what is left behind once I die, because people that I make happy also die, forget and memories fade out and yet it was not a wasted life.

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