what does this word means? I encounter it so many times and I come to a realization that once one does not know how todefine some entity, occasion or so then the one calls it interesting. it basically says nothing except that the thing in focus is in a way appealing but undescribable or inexplicable. the word interesting can be very hard to define because the denotation itself would be interesting and we get to a kind of tautology via this approach. I heard about a project where children were to describe things which they would normally call interesting with other denotations and names than interesting. it was obvious how hard it is for them because interesting can be used for basically everything. once I do not want to lose time with describing something that is hard for me to describe. by not using the word interesting I develop my brain and for young children especially it is very useful to not be fine with using the word that virtually does not mean anything at all.

Používam Rychlý zápisník


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