Is victory everything?

Is victory everything?
The presidential candidate Jiri Drahos lost last week the election against the incumbent Milos Zeman. I read an analysis that one of the reasons was that he did not use the beligerent rhetorics, lies and invectives that Zeman used. People want to see a strong not distinguished leader and that is the reason why Zeman won. Drahos´s wife told the press that she does not consider it a victory which is in my view a vital statement. should Drahos use the same approach as Zeman did, he might have won but he would have lost morally. This would be a victory against Zeman but a loss against himself. I still consider Drahos a better president just due to the fact that he did not accept the style that Zeman did but rather stuck to his guns in this fashion. Morally acceptably way of living is a better result although not winning the election might be detrimental for the nation. After all, the true winner of the election is not Zeman with his lies and rudeness but paradoxically the one that lost the presidency but showed that it is possible to win although one is not the chosen one by vox populi. Zeman on the other hand won the presidency again but delved even deeper into his fake incredulity and (long lost) moral integrity

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