Extremes in showbusiness and society, sexual misconduct and the change of paradigm

deceitful side of showbusiness
I read a complaint by a comedian in showbussiness that one is only as good as ones last show. that means that the true essence of showbusiness is not something lasting, but somehing ephemeral, something that must always provide quick feelings of pleasure that can pass as quickly as they arose and that one must always struggle for ones place up. This is exact opposite to the approach that teaches Christianity. The unconditional love of all people no matter what they do or how good they are. take for example handicapped people or people with mental or other disabilities or just people who may not have some official diagnosis but yet are not capable of living and understanding everything or are just a bit slow in head. all people have been endowed with certain gifts and we must see the gifts in all people, not just those that are adored for their abilities because the abilities are very often given to them as a gift. the paradigm of todays world or society may not necessarily be the same in ten years time and what was once considered good or admirable may be reversed. what was considered evil or sick can turn vica versa-take for example homosexuality. Formerly homosexuals were considered sick and today we have gay pride parades. It seems to me that one extreme turns to the opposite extreme. Another good example is sexual harrasment. After the Harvey Weinstein affair many other women and also men have stepped out about sexual misconduct against them. Until that it becomes another extreme this might be considered as a good think. I read an article where a succesful director talked against seeing all mens allusions as predatory. He himself has a happy marriage and his wife was very adamant in declining his offers. he was very active in courting her until she finally ˋgave upˋ. Here we see that on one hand women are glad that they are mens target of attention- naturally when it is attention that is not harrasing. today the approach changes into the paradigm that sees even these acts of proclivity and affection towards a woman as sexually allusive. should these be considered harrasing in the time of their relationships, the woman might have called the police and not only there would be not marriage but also there might be a legal process against the man. this example may not be totally objective and I do not say that men should not be inhibited in some of their manners, but I also must add that we should be afraid of turning one extreme (silence of women) into the other (seeing all manifestations of interest in woman by man as predatory).

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