Parable about a cross

Parable about a cross
I was at a confession yesterday and complained about my feeling that I do not know how to let relationship grow but not in sin but in love. I complained that I sometimes feel as if Christs prescripts (although I know I want to fulfill them) inhibit our relationship. The priest used a very nice parable which compared relationships to the Cross that is at the alter and which at the first sight creates a barrier between people and the priest. The cross is there in order to make us look up to it, not make a barrier. It should be same with relationships-be them romantic, friendship, at workplace etc. What inhibits us is not Christ, he gives us full freedom to do what we want to do. We are inhibiting ourselves which is even better, because we know his word and are not afraid of fulfilling it. I realized that I should not be afraid about what I do and I also should not feel guilty if I make a mistake. I should rather be happy that I know how to distinguish good from evil and how to reflect it for my future actions. Let us not think that we shall be perfect after the confession. It is good to know that we sin and that we shall always be purified if we let ourselves into Gods arms. This does not say that we may sin as we like-not at all. It only means that absolute purification and potentical redemption comes only after we acknowledge that we sin and that we may sin in the future, but at the time of the confession we must always be fully aware of the mental decision that we do not want to do the sin again.

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