the need to need

the need to need
I read an interesting article about the necessity of need. Human brain still needs to need something otherwise it can get no satysfication and that is the reason why children today are never satisfied-because the satisfaction comes only when one has to strive for something-anything. if the child gets everything for nothing, then it cannot be happy with it. I only value money once I start earning, when the child gets money for free then it cannot learn to use it reasonably. we may even go so far as to say that happiness lies not in some constant or continual state of existence but rather it is the Gauss curve of or daily life. Once one is up and once one is down. The happiness comes after one is down and the down is invaluable for us-otherwise we would not be up. Having said this, we see that those who try to avoid pain and go only for pleasure are those who may never reach happiness and who go against the principle of happiness. unfortunately, this is all of us. We all avoid pain, not only physical, and we all go for pleasure. This is also the mechanism of brain as well as the need to experience sour and bitter in order to appreaciate the sweet. How can we cope with this paradoxical, almost schizophrenic situation? In the first place, I think that we need to postulate that happiness and unhappiness both form the state that we are in and that is inevitable for living. It is a neverending process. If it is not rational enough, let us understand that without pain, there would be no pleasure. Pleasure that is received instantly is usually short termed and not really pleasurable in the sense of making us happy. Happiness is more a spiritual term and physiological. We may be happy also when we are in pain and sick. This may be a bit overstatement but take martyrs who lost life for a good cause- be them religions or not religions. There is a great movie called The Life of David Gale which is about a death watch director who opposes the death penalty by showing that the system is not perfect. He devises a plot that makes him a murderer and is convinced to a capital punishment. After he is executed, a tape is found (by Gale) that shows that he was not a murderer and that the system kills innocent people. I think that Gale could have felt a great although quite bizzare happiness in dying as a martyr. This happiness stretches then further than is the horizon of our lifes. Something that emantates from us but gues even deeper than is our existance. I think that it is the happiness we are all destined for. The only thing we need to do is to accept that our body is not all that matters-it is not the ultimate goal-to live as long as possible, but the ultimate goal is to use the body for higher purposes than are those of the body itself (procreating, food, sleep etc.). Once we accept this postulate we see that we are not so much plagued by what ills us-bodily pains because we see that the body is only a tool for reaching higher aims. If we see our body only as a tool for something more than preserving the body as long as possible we see that what happens to the body is not something that should be taken catastrophic or detrimental. We use the tool that we have and if the tool changes, the end of the world is not toppical but only a change of form must come- a different approach to what we do but the content remains the same.

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