Question of how rather than what

Question of how rather than what
I heard a radio production program about people who consider abortion when they learn that their child might have certain handicap after deliverance. These people were living in the paradigm of whether they should keep the child or not. I think that what we need here is the switch- or at least a shift from the – I dare say hedonostic, consumerism paradigm- to one I would call intrinsic responsibility. Due to modern technologies, globalism, consumerism and all these issues of today we are more and more delving into the either or question-dichotomy of black or white. Once I should have a handicapped child I need to solve the question of whether to keep it or not. The same can be applied to relationships. It seems to me that to once some problems arise the couple is prone to split up instead of repairing it. we can even see a paralal to the goods of today-a car for instance is to be changed every five years and there is more and more the pressure to not repair it but buy a new way-what a change when compared to the old products that survived for twenty years. We are encouraged to buy a new thing instead of repairing it and we apply this subconsciously into relationships as well. Once my partner starts being less appealing, then the other usually looks for a substitute instead of accepting the paradigm of intrinsic resposibility and accept the one the way he or she is. There are of course instances when the couple should not be together but we should be very careful about distinguishing these two states. Now back to the handicapped children issue. the question should not be whether I keep the child or not but rather how I make its life as valuable as if it were a healthy one. Accepting intrinsic responsibility paradigm shows us deeper issues of all things because when one lives in the -change once it gets problematic- then one does not have enough time to delve deeper into what is really behind the problems. we have nothing to lose if we keep struggling. we either accept that something is really lost( a relationship for example) or we see that there is a way to go on. The time that we had to find out is not lost time.Everything that happens has its time and place and we should not think that it was a wasted time. I would say that a wasted time is such that comes after I chose abortion and have no child with whom I could use the time meaningfully.

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