Confrontation with God

Confrontation with God
I have been thinking lately about the semiotics of Gods symbols and what God means to me. Going to confession every month I think that I develop more and more a path to Him that tells me that my life-the physicality of it is not as important as the future life in Heaven. this may sound obvious and for Christian doctrine self explaining but in the core of the statement is the inevitability of death and our primal fear of it. To overcome fear of death, we must be looking for something which is more important than life. We are fearful of death only in the connection with life, because these two are on one hand dependent on each other, intertwined and yet they contradict each other, they exlude each other. living for the life in Heaven means that we must in the first place overcome the fear of death, but also the hedonics of life. This is I think the vital premise and prerequisite to overcoming the fear and being afraid of death. There it was also said that we should be confronting God and thus improving our life. This is nothing new-basically all we do should be discussed with the God (in our hearts), conscience and also racio-reason before we do a decision. It is important to not be too rash but also not doubting and dilatory. We are Gods limbs, we need to take the action-and even thinking and talking is action. Some populist politicians think that we have too much debate in the public space without actions. They are of course right-partly. But even talking is action. For democracy we usually need much more debate than for totalitarian systems. In order to uphold the democratic elements we need to talk to as much people as possible. I also think that these notions that we should get rid of all totalitarian regimes, and that it is possible, are false. I think that in order to appreciate democracy-and the will of people-vox populi to have it here, we need to see the contrast to totalitarian regimes. It may sound paradoxical but even though we want to get rid of them, we need them so that we do not forget what evil they are. It is like with sin-we must get rid of it but it is impossible, yet there is a reason to do it, even though we may never get rid of it. with totalitarian regimes it is similar. it would be truly more easier, abstractly talking, to get rid of totalitarian regimes than of sin but nevertheless, we should keep them. Paradoxically we are getting rid of violence and these regimes and on the other hand we need them so that we can compare them to us and see the freedom, values, movement and so on. Take for example Isis- if the western powers erase it totally-to which they have the power, then the Islam state proliferates somewhere else-and with even more immense power. The diaspor survives always and if we think that it does not, then we are led into the notion that we got rid of it. from this point of view I think that it is much prudent and wiser to keep it subdued, acknowledge it and even uphold if so that we can monitor it. if erase it and think it is gone for good, then it may-and it will- appear out of our surveillence and may grasp even greater strength than before. Now back to the confrontation issue. I agree that the more we confront God, the more we may strengthen our relationship with Him. I would say that not only confrontation that leads to a (re)conciliation with God is benefitial. I dare think that even confrontation which is negative against God is after all good for us. Let us consider that being lukewarm is the worst scenario ever-this is said in the new testament. be either yes yes, or no no. nothing between. those who do not consider God worthy or either joy and thanks but even anger, then those are lukewarm. they do not care about Him. Those who care about Him and are angry with Him show their respect, the awe, they basically say that they know He is powerful and thus contend with Him. Those I consider weak or not worthy my attention are those ignored-this is worse than being angry. Angriness with someone basically says that I care about the one. Caring about God-in any way shows His value and our esteem for Him. let us not be afraid of fights with God, let us show Him what we feel, even our anger-if it is our genuine feeling. What God but also other people-any relationships require is genuiness and truth in our feelings and all other aspects of our life. People may not stand our angriness although it is true but God sustains everything. If we are true to Him, he will be true to and with us, although people may not be-nevertheless, let us be true to God and to people the risk notwithstanding, honesty,openess and frankess is what leads us to a reality of Truth.

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