Love and then do anything you like

Love and then do anything you like
St. Augustin is known to establish an utterance: In the first place, one should love-then one can do anything one wants to do. This is my paraphrase, but it basically says that once one loves, then any other behaviour is irrelevant to be thought as evil because if it is in compliance with love, then any action must inevitably be good. in lieu of thinking whether my acts are leading to something good or evil, it is necessary to change the paradigm of thinking-racio and focus instead on the power of Gods words and deeds. When I visit adoration in the calm of church I usually try to talk to Him and forget very often that this is my vision, or rather illusion of how it works. A friend of mine told me that we do not need to talk to God because he already knows all our thoughts. what is more important is to let Him talk to us-this is the shift from us-racio to Him-the voice of Heart or consciousness. This all may be very obvious but it kind of revealed the substance to me and unchained be-or helps me to unchain myself from my fears. it is not about analyzing whether this action is good or not, although we have got reason from God to use it and it is natural to think about consequences of our actions. nevertheless, the racio and its qualms notwithstanding in the first place we should always look at whether we love or not. once we feel that we do, then all other analysis is secondary (although my be invaluable for us or even indispensable) but we should not put racio first-although it is given to us by God. even sexuality is given to us by God and we should not put it first. in the first place there must be God, that is the conscience and consciousness of ourselves-the voluntary obeying his will. Self-consciousness-the knowledge that we have our needs and wills, we know about them-about us and yet we give it to Him our desires notwithstanding. To this I come with another remark- I saw an advertisement on whiskey that bore an inscription Sine Metu-meaning without fear. Incidentally a friend of mine told me that life without fear is what we should strive for. this closed the puzzle for me at least for the time being. indeed, fear is what hinders us from coming near to Him. fear of losing something but we do not have anything! all we have is given to us by Him and when he take something or even ourselves back then it is not taking something from us, but taking back what He rightfully owns. I heard a paralel by a priest on sunday sermon wher the priest mentioned the switch of thinking from a child to an adult. a child usually grasps a toy and holds it tightly when one wants to take it from him. as an adult, we should be ready to overcome this narcistic childish fear and be ready to share. not only share but really give everything to others, if we feel like it is love-here I come back to the st.Augustin quote. it is like in intimate partnership or friendship. I should be ready to give myself up to someone else. As the Bible and New Testament says: man leaves his parents and clings to his wife and they become one body and soul. It is then about not fearing to give but even its opposite-to give everything to the other and be happy that I may give, because love is giving. it is the unconditional wedding promise: I want you. I want you forever.

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