Demonstration and democracy

Demonstration and democracy
I ready about demonstrations in Bratislava which were about the repulsion felt by people because of the governement that is with most probability highly and deeply corrupt. The other demonstration was in Prague because people did not like a former StB member to become a boss of governement security agency. both these man that were not in people liking put up their demise. I realized that as long as demonstrations are funcition and effecient tool of vox populi then the nation does not need to be afraid. on the other hand, demonstration is the last tool to express disgust with some form trouble that one wants to point to. I reckon that it is good to know that demonstrations work but let us be sure that it still is not a good sign. the first step that should be available for people in a democratic society should be dialogue. only after it is impossible to get rid of them by civilized means another step must come. nevertheless, even demonstration is a democratic tool that obeys democratic principles, altough it is usually the last one and on the boundary of what democracy strives for. in democracy the society should try to deal with the plight by giving all people the opportunity to voice their view. nevertheless, if the right is taken away or not granted, it is still more important to voice the view even when it is via demonstration than trying to obey the decorum.

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