Inverted entropy

Inverted entropy
When thinking about life and death in philosophical terms, it is objectively true to say-virtually with mathematical precision, that death as an opposite to life is inverted-or negative- entropy. death in relation to life is the greatest opposite ever- the most fundamental and not yet overcome principle and structure- the greatest truth and most inevitable-death. on the other hand, life is entropical, it is something that is inevitably chaotic and full of surprises-it is stochastic and from its nature unfanthomable in order of order or mathematical precision. all we can do is to guess what comes next but we always encounter a black swan that marrs all our predictions and prognosis. the stochastic nature of life is something that must be taken into account when we try to control life and prevent any misadventures that may encounter us. the only way to guard our safety is to accept that there is nothing like safety in this world and acceptance of entropy leads to the understanding of all other basic principles of life. understanding death is easy, it is the rule that we crave but cannot get, it is antithetical to what we do now. we crave order but paradoxically get it only when we are dead so that we cannot enjoy it. maybe this is the key-order is nothing to be enjoyed. although we seek control and try to prevent anything uncommon, we shall never reach it in this entropical state. the only control is that we understand that control is not possible, entropy inevitable and if we want to relish the life we are to lead, we must find the law in lawlessness, order in chaos and see the entropy as benefitial for us otherwise we would not have a reason to be here and would chose structure-death- right away.

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