I saw an ad about a company doing comparison of goods and measurement of their quality. the first ad was about a couple that after having sex the guy asks what was it like. the woman answers totally laconically and strangely pragmaticaly that pros and cons of his technique and gives him an average evaluation of his sexual performance. the other ad by the same company was an evaluation of childs features and assets. the protagonists of the ad looked at the child and measured his resemblance to parents, aesthetics of his face, symmetry of his eyes and nose. I wonder whether this ad transfers some kind of subconscious message to the viewers that it is normal to judge the quality of people according to what they are like. Take for example handicapped children, what if they were in the ad, would be it alright to measure their low iq, unsymmetrical features, ugliness and other inherited and given features and think about them as inferiour? if I base my love and inclination towards other people according to how they look then I lose really the gist of what relationships are really about. it is important to understand that the value of ones life is not in what is given but in what one does with ones life. it is said in the Bible, that those who were endowed with much gifts also have much more to give, create than those who were less endowed- are handicapped- in any way, form or content. they also bear much more responsiblity than those who do not wield so much power and potential. For a mentally retarded person it may be a greater feat to be able to look after onself than for a healthy person to earn millions. although handicapped people do not contribute economically to the society they also have their value. the value is just the same to those who are healthy because the value of one life does not depend on measurement and how benefitial one is economically for the society but what one does with the gifts one was endowed with.

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