(dis)respect for constitution

(dis)respect for constitution
I ask myself why is it that someone is capable of ignoring or even disrespecting the constitution which should be the highest standard for any country with liberal democracy. Our incumbent president in the Czech republic is known for his rude approach towards anyone and anything he does not like-political opponents, journalists, media which do not support him, progressive ideas going against the grain and his thinking, and even constitution. I wonder why is it that one man may think that he knows more than many and many people that created constituion which is also proved to work over century and somewhere centuries. the ideas which is the constitution based on were here for centuries and millenius- take for example Socrates, Aristotle or Plato ideas about the freedom of people, although some of their tractates and ideas included also the adoration of totalitarian regime. Constitution should not be adored as a given truth by God, it is also a subject matter to reconsiders its value and meaning in this time and space, but some values can go over centuries without changing its meaning and singificance-for example the value of life, liberty, freedom, individual subjective perception. if someone like prezident Zeman thinks that these values and centuries of existence are not enough to earn his respect, then his (based on the constitutional democratic principles) is to show a better approach and is welcomed to present it so that we may put it under scrutiny and possibly (very unlikely) to replace constitution with his ideas. I do no claim that this may happen but we should consider that he may be so genial so that he replaces the constituion-it definitely is possible-not only for him but for anybody. on the other hand, if he only claims to know better than constitution and does nothing, then in order to follow the rights of people we should get rid of him and replace him in the presidential position because if he is only capable of disrespecting something without presenting something better, then obviously his aim is not to bring up something benefitial for the society. in this case I think that the problem of the president is his ego and conceit because a wise man is able to respect even those who do not agree with him and with who he does not agree. in his case, this is not much often-almost never-showed.

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