Learning is a change

Learning is a change
I attended a lecture where the lecturer said that if we want to learn something, we do it with the intention to change something in our lives. this is very true. people that remain in their lives sitting at home with a beer by a telly virtually like their lives and do not want to change anyting-do not want to learn. now what is the sequence? does the need to change or learn come first? maybe it can be used interchangeably. if I want to learn something, then I crave a change. on the other hand some people may crave a change but do not want to learn anything, it is only a kind of abstract need to do something but do not have a concrete scheme of steps how to change something. i think that the first there must be the will to learn because then we may be sure that it does not stops only with willing a change. those who just want some kind of abstract change virtually may not have the need to learn. on the other hand, those who are willing to learn new things and overcome the strenuous process of adapting to new information are those who are capable of any concrete change. everything flows and changes-panta rei as Herakleitos would say. if we dwell on the things we have, we inevitably will be dissatisfied one day because even the things we dwell on are changeable and will inevitably change. we either accept the change or will be unhappy. the thing that makes me happy today may change and may make me unhappy tomorrow. maybe the thing may not change but I may change and I will change. nothings stays the same for ever. all life is change. here we see that having dreams about which I think I reach one day and shall be happy is only an ephemeral vision. on the other hand, if we accept that everything changes, we learn to love the change (learning is the will to change) and we may reach the happiness even in the change. in the first place we must never lose the will to learn because the we lose the will to change and that would be the end of it all. only accepting that everything changes is not enough, it would be a nice realisation but without the love to learn it would mean that I remain in some kind of empty shell and envisioned fancy. the step to learn is the step that accepts both the change and need of learning and manifests that learning is what drives us to change to lead a better-everchanging lifes.

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