smoke pause

smoke pause
I saw a group of people crowded in a small balcony and suffering this situation just in order to enjoy a cigarette. I wonder is really the addiction is really the impetus that drives them to spend a few minutes or whether there might be something else. the other factors may be for example the need to get out of the stereotype, boss, group of people or to enjoy a communication with someone else. I think that women more than men have this need of strenghtening social bonds in order to feel safety and secure in their life. Women when meet with other women talk. Men do not talk-not so much. This si not gender stereotyping, it is stating a fact. I even think that for women talking should be acknowledged as a biolgical need-and not only for women, for everybody because some men have this need more necessary than some women. I think that by talking women feel save in the surrounding and that is basically why they do it-not because of the need to enjoy a cigarette but rather have someone to talk to about non-working stuff and have the response and perception by someone who trully understands them-at least for the few minutes until the cigarette burns. we all have the need to socialize and talk, we all need someone who is some sort of haven for us. it is only pity that we spend the time with someone under the pretense of having a smoke. as if it was something illegal to have someone to talk to-at least for a minute. we are afraid of saying that we need someone to talk to so that we say that we need to have a cigarette but wait anxiously so that someone also joins us under the pretense of having a smoke but then enjoying the mutual conversation with the twing that we do something bad.

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