Video surveilence in football

Video surveilence in football
I read a discussion about whether there should be a tv surveilence in football in order to know precisely what happened on the court. There were many supporters to this idea in the professional league but there were also opposers, mainly in the lower levels of the game. I consider this professionalisation of any game basically contradicting its nature. It is more and more about who is better and who is worse than about a game. We play games in order to feel better, to strike friendship, to relax, to have fun. During armistice in WW2 on Christmas the soldiers went out of barricades and played football together although they were shooting at each other the same day and would be the other after Christmas. May having videocameras on the courts we say that the precision is more important than the game itself. I do not say that it is alright to cheat in the game, not at all, but I think that more important than centimeter here and there which is recongnizable only on the video recording is not as important as the ability to relish the game and enjoy it the details notwithstanding. nevertheless, today the professional football players create the opposite- it is not about the game, about friendship but about animosity. it is not about unity but about division. In olympics there is a saying that victory is not as important as taking part in the game. by videorecording every detail we say that the outcome-either victory or loss is more important than anything else.

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