What we think about becomes reality

What we think about becomes reality
I read an article about the small talk topic in one very poor African country Guayana. This topic was a suicide. There are so poor conditions that the topic of commiting suicide is on the daily basis. it reminds me of Jews commiting suicide in concentration camps who were not able to carry the burden of contempt of the guards and conditions in the camps. In Guyana there is not contempt but the conditions are also horrible. This is enough to start thinking about suicide. nevertheless, this approach strikes me as incredibly strange. We see that when one does not see any way out, one starts thinking about the final solution to ones predicament and one also adapts on the thinking about devising it in reality. when one is negative in thinking, one also looks down, sad, depressed on the outside and creates and aura of negativity. People avoid him and this then deepens his despondency and creates a vicious circle from which it is then virtually impossible to escape. The first step in doing something differently is start thinking differently. If the people think about suicide as something normal, then it becomes something normal. this works also vica versa and is very effective. if one starts to see the issues more brightly, then the conditions will naturally not be more bright but are more bearable nevertheless. I do not want to judge people who commit suicide, I even believe that some problems combined for example with psychiatric diagnosis are really unbearable and that suicide was not really ones decision or fault under such conditions. nevertheless, I think that it is important to manifest that the latent subconscious thinking about suicide as something normal creates a differences in the brain and teaches us that if something has no solution then we may commit suicide and solve the problem that way. Unfortunately, suicide is a solution-in a way. If subjectively I see myproblems as unbearable, I can be sure that having commited suicide I shall have them no more. I lose my life as a part of the deal but if the life does not bring any more pleasure, then arguments against suicide are very disadvantaged. The only way out of this predicament is a change of paradigm. If I cannot change the conditions, I can change my way of perception of those conditions. I understand when the strain is too big and someone just cannot bear it any more. However, majority of people rather survive-even under concentration camps conditions rather than commiting suicide. For those people in risk of commiting suicide the change of paradigm could be a way out. To alleviate my negative thining about my situation, I can at least share my thoughts with people around me-sharing helps a lot. Some people even think that sharing is virtually solving-or at least a beginning of solution to any problem. Another step would be to see in the predicament a way that makes me stronger in the future. This is also difficult because if the future is bleak, then one does not want to see it. Nevertheless, today we shape tomorrow, so with a bit of positive thinking, we may gain strength to make tomorrows nicer than todays.

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