Fear of death or life

Fear of death or life
To not fear the death is very brave. But the absence of fear of life is even braver. We cannot escape from ourselves. We should fight the fears but in the end the important aspect is the reconciliation with who we are, with our fears and everything that bothers us. this all belongs to the issue of humanity. by saying reconcile, I do not mean that we should accept it as inevitable and be weak because it is natural. it is more of abstract atonment with out selves, with God. Accepting that we are weak, yet we want to become stronger but after all, we know that it all depends on Him. the human life is everlasting oscilation between entropy and choice. How can we make a choice in entropical life? this sounds paradoxical but when taking the above said reconciliation with God, it makes sense. We must try but after all, we must reconcile with the fact that the outcome of our effort does not depend on us but on Him-yet we should be humble and try and try nevertheless. Christ in the Gethsemane garden says that he feels very gloomy, yet he accepts Gods will. He shows his God-Human face. He is afraid of death-this is natural human characteristic, yet he is not afraid of life- this is Godly. We say that we are not afraid of death as well, but we are afraid of dying-and life is neverending dying-until we die. this is the entropy that we must find our place in and accept the inevitability of prognostics in it. if we were not afraid of death, we would blaspeme-we would say that we are sure that we come to Him. we should follow God in not being afraid of life because in life is what we can influence-not death-not the result of our actions. nothing that comes into us is evil. only what we do with it can be either good or evil. the mirror of our soul is in others-let us ask honestly what we see in the reflections of ourselves in the eyes of others.

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