false need to dichotomize

false need to dichotomize
I wonder why is it that people ask for a pay rise although they may have already enough. but what is enough? rationally, the more money, the better living conditions. animals also try to store as much food as possible. nevertheless, should we be as animals? maybe the impetus to have more does not come entirely from within. i reckon that people from the city usually want to have more money than people from the suburbs or villages and this fact does not depende on their needs but rather on what they see and think and believe they need. people who have more opportunities naturally seek to enjoy them and to do that they need more money. on the other hand, we should not be guided only by what we think we need to have but what is really good to have. on one hand, to have a wider range of choice is a good thing, on the other, it requires much more responsibility and careful decision making on our part what to choose. people paradoxically do not like freedom. nowadays when I can choose among twenty jars of jam I feel less free than when under communism in my country there was one kind of jam and one was happy if one had the luck to not be out of supply. it is important to appreciate that we have the luck to choose which jam we want and we should not want to get back to the comfort of someone choosing for us instead of us, although many people do like it. even for myself it is difficul to choose and make decision sometimes and I would appreaciate someone else making the choice for me, nevertheless, I always try to acknowledge that the choices we make is what forms us and makes us better people- the result of the choice notwithstanding. every decision we make is the best one because I can never know what the resulf of another decision in the same case would be. we have an unfortunate need to dichotomize our decisions. we sometimes think that there is one good choice and all other are false, that there is good and evil. as a believe , I also believe in good and evil but I also think that between black and white there are myriads of shades between them. nevertheles, I would not underestimate the power of conscience. i believe that our conscience steers us for some kind of choice and when we minimize the activity of our ego and let the conscience direct our actions and form our will, then we may encounter then best choice, although the result may not be what we expected it to be. what is even more important is to not think that my choice is also best for others. what I do may influence others but I should never project my feelings into the feelings of others-this is the root of all evil. if I do something for someone because I think it is best for him, then I am gravely mistaken. if I take the choice to decide for him from him and do it instead of him , then I rob him of his dignity because I say that I know better what is best for him. it may prove benefitial for him in the end, nevertheless, the choice (even such that makes harm) is more important then supposedly good outcome. having said this,i can get back to what I said at the beginning, that the more availability of opportunities does not mean a better conditions but definitely bear a greater potential for improvement than lack of the posibility to make choice and choose among things. it also bears a greater responsiblity but responsibility is after all what makes us better people, because the choices we make make us more and more responsible, if the choices are aimed outside, for bonum comune and not only for ourselves, to satisfy our needs and ego. there is nothing like absolute good and evil but after all there is usually way that we feel we should take and we can be sure that it was the best choice possible altough(maybe because) we shall never know the results of the other ways.

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