emancipatory stereotypes

emancipatory stereotypes
I read a survey that when a woman looks like a man-eg has short hair or wear clothing like men, it is more acceptable than when a man wears clothing or looks physiologically like a woman. why is it so? probably it corresponds with the perception of men as more dominant and important in todays society that is still too much patriarchal. that is why mens opinion is still louder and stronger and men confirm when women want to look like men that it is alright. we see affirmative action when a woman wants to be like men but only unless she is not too manly. once she reaches the same heights or skill in some characteristic attributed to men, then she is very quickly ostracized by the patriarchal society. Today, the role of men is the dominant one and that is why men like when women want to look like them but women lose their women nature. there is no point in contesting who is more manly because both sexes need each other and each has the same value. I think that the acceptance of being either woman or a man is the most important ability and should be emphasized by both sexes. I would even say that all the sexual deviations from man x woman dichotomy are also a rebelion against tradition which wants to pidgeonhole us. on the other hand it is only a illusionary rebelion because one does not escape ones body- i am afraid that there is nothing more than two sexes and any deviation from this is only rebelion against not acceptance- and i think that in many cases against not acceptance of women by men. also the need of some women to look like men is such deviation-unfortunately caused by men. should both sexes feel the acceptance the way one is born there would be no need to be something different than what one is born. the pattern of sexual expression is individual and maximally subjective. if one feels like something diffeent than man or woman, there is nothing wrong with it but when one starts to exhibit it and starts to call for special rights, then it evokes a kind of dissatisfaction not with what one is but with how one is perceived. the perception of society should not influence how we ourselves percieve us. the need to call oneself to attention is I think a trait, maybe a proof that the pursuit of special sexual identity is not some inner need but rather an exhibition or rebelion as above mentioned-to a certain measure caused by those that scorn it.

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