The vision of immortality

The vision of immortality
I tried to envision what would the life be like if we were invincible. the first idea that struck my mind was that the life would be pointless because all we do is meaningful only in liason to the time we spend with it. any activity we do is worth doing only when we think about time we spend with it. should we have always enough time, we would either do everything and not care about outcome because we would always have another chance to do it better or differenty. the other option is that we would do nothing because without any measurement we would not be able to choose what to do. i reckon that the vision if immortality , endlessness, eternity here in this world is rather uncomfortable vision. on one hand, mankind always dreamt about living for ever, on the other, what would we do should we live forever? thinking about living forever evokes a kind of fear of death because ones life does not have a meaning. maybe that is the reason why someone would want to live for ever. on the other hand, should one have a meaning in life, in what one does, then it is virtually pointless to think about when one dies because one does not influence it. who lives life to the fullest does not think about when it ends but focuses on the present moment. paradoxically those who see their lives as valuable and efficent are not as afraid of death as those who are lost in their lives because atonment and reconciliation with life-wisdom in life is also wisdom in and with death.

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