child-like Love one should follow

What does it mean to be in love? Is it really just chemistry and what comes after some months or in some cases years must inevitably be pragmatic approach towards the relationship without love? There are so many books, maybe the most renown is Men are from mars, women from Venus and the book is virtually a pragmatic ˋhow toˋdo it in any relatonship. for some people the logic may work. my parents are defintely from among them. they needed to learn the language of love of the other in order to create a harmonic relationship. love or infatuation does not require much thinking. the more one analyzes the more is one misled. I like the simile to the love that Abraham had for God. He was willing to sacrifice his own son if God wanted it. We would not dare to think that God would want such a sacrifice but now we again are analyzing, using racio instead of childlike trust towards Him. The love that Abraham had could have been detrimental to his son, but Abraham did not question Gods will and followed Him. maybe that is also the approach the we should have. Stop thinking logically and trust Him in all that may come. or that may not come. let us forget our illusions about love or happiness, God is incredible and incredibly surprisng. all our plans are just fragments in what He wants for us. The true love that we may encounter is the only thing we need. who loves, needs nothing else.


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