The dilemma of too much or too little parenting

I have been thinking about why parents are so adamant in their visions for their childrens future. On one hand, I understand that they want to make them happy and feel obliged to do so because they are old and experienced and the children do not know what happiness is , not even for them. on the other, when parents choose some kind of future for their children, then they inevitably take the responsibility as well. If I force my child into finding a partner that I find suitable, then I can be to blame if their relationships falls apart. It is understandable that parents want to do the best for the children, and it is also their duty, they should not, nevertheless, take the responsibility from them because it is their life, not parentses. the boundry to do this is unfortunatelly blurred, there is a fine line between taking too much responsibility and taking too little. I would even say that it is inevitable that children blame their parents-either for forcing them too much or too little into things that should have been done. I myself remember being forced into attending music school and hated it. after all, now in my adulthood I am glad I know how to play a few christmas tunes on the flute. having children is a tough job and a part of the job of the parent-i think the hardest- is to reconcile with the inevitable fact that some children just do not succeed, the strivings of parents notwithstanding.

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