Die for your country, nation, EU

Die for your country, nation, EU
I read a commentary about possible creation of an EU army that would be created by armies of all other member states of the european union. I asked myself what would someone go and kill for the EU or would risk ones life for such an abstract notion as the EU? I personally do not believe in a nation, I do not feel myself as Czech, although I know and virtually accept being a part of Czech society and culture, whatever that means. For me it means that I was born here but do not have any strings attached based on my culturual or historical heritage. Having said that, I do not understand why would someone sacrifice ones life for a social construct or such an ephemeral concept as nation and consequently EU. Nevertheless, I am able to understand that someone may-and probably the majority of people do- believe in a nation and would fight for it. Remember patriotism of some countries, going out and dying for the flag, for the land, the community. While these people may accept fighting for their land or nation, how would one motivate them to fight and die for such an artifical project as the european union? imagine that one nationalistic country may see other states as inferior-conditioned culturally or historically, they may have been opressed-so here we may see a resentment against the country, or may have been opressors and here we see the inclination to approach patronizingly against the country. In my view, creation of a conjoint army would need people to understand that nation, race, culture or heritage is all a randomly given concepts that are not in reality valuable for us in any way. These things are given and not earned. one should not feel a better person based on something that was given to him. If we are to create an army that would be able to cooperate, or if we are to improve the communication between cultures and nations, we need to accept that what matters is the choice to see other as equals, as humans and not as Czechs, Jews, Germans, black and so on. If we live in the past theories of races or nations we shall never step succesfully into the future.

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