finding meaning in anything one does

finding meaning in anything one does
I drove today through the city with a velocity a bit higher than allowed and my mother who drove with me asked me to slow down. at first I did because it was not my intention to break spead limits, but then I stepped into opposition because I believe that speed limit is too low and that I can steer the vehicle even in higher speed than recommended or allowed. My mother told me that the importance and meaning of speed limit is not a subjective view about ones abilities as a driver, but an objective fact, that one is not able to break when one sees someone on the road and drives too fast. once she came up with this argument, I realized that she was true because suddenly I saw the reason behind all that. Until now, I naively thought that speed limit is here in order to keep the drivers that are not so good in save barriers. once I saw the meaning in why it is imposed on people, I realized that it is necessary to follow it. I reckon that seeing a meaning in anything one does is the thing most necessary for any conduct.I read an article about prisioners in concentration camps, that were told to dig trenches, irigations, canals and so on and due to the fact that they had a meaning why they were doing it, they survived. naturally, it was not a meaning globally-they were doing it against themselves, but in fact and in this particular occasion, they did something that had a result. Once they were told to just dig a hole and then cover it and this was done whole day long, they very often went mad or commited suicide because there was no result. This may sound absurd or paradoxical because by digging trenches, they do more harm to themselves because they help they oppresors than by digging only a hole. nevertheless, people need to see a result and meaning rather than thinking about to what purpuse it leads consequentially. It is similar as with the people I work with- people with mental handicap. THey do not understand why they should keep in hygiene themselves or keep the surrounding clean. they do not understand that in the dirt there are bacteria and that they may happen to become ill. once they do not understand it, it is virtually impossible to make them to do that because they oppose it. this is natural, they do not want to do anything they do not believe or do not understand. in this case, we have to find another motivator different than healthy people have- satisfacton from living in a clean surrounding. they are then motivated by sweets for example or telly or similar indulgences. it took me some time to understand that one needs to see a meaning even in these minor things but now I see that there is nothing like minor or major thing or action because everyone perceives it subjectively. nowadays I try to see them as individuals and do not want to force them to my views about what should be done but rather see what they want and give them what they want as exchange for doing what I am here for- for example keeping their surrounding clean and healthy.

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